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Bexhill-Fahrt 2017

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Group Mrs. Glatt

At the beach

Brighton Palace Pier

Group Mrs. Krieg

Chalk cliffs of Dover

Vom 23. September bis zum 30. September 2017 fand unsere diesjährige Bili-Fahrt der siebten Klassen nach Bexhill-On-Sea statt.

Hierbei handelt es sich um eine Fahrt des bilingualen Zweiges, bei der die Schülerinnen und Schüler in 2er-, 3er- und 4er-Gruppen in englischen Gastfamilien leben und auf diese Art und Weise einen unmittelbaren Eindruck von Land, Leuten und Kultur bekommen.

Bei hervorragendem Wetter zeigte sich England von seiner schönsten Seite, und bei ausgewogenem Programm konnten die Schülerinnen und Schüler ihre bisher im schulischen Kontext erworbenen Sprachkenntnisse vor Ort erproben.

Um Ihnen diesen Eindruck auch von Schülerseite aus zu vermitteln, folgen nun drei Erfahrungsberichte von Teilnehmerinnen und Teilnehmern der Fahrt!

Viel Spaß beim Lesen!



My class and I went to Bexhill-on-Sea in England for one week. We stayed in different host families and had a nice programme. In Bexhill and England generally, the cars drive on the left, so pay attention! And in the cities that we visited, there were many candy shops with delicious sweets. You can buy nice candies there. In Bexhill you can relax on the beach or go shopping in town. There are very nice shops. Most people think that it rains in England all the time but we had a lot of sunshine. We visited different cities, for example Hastings, Brighton and Canterbury. In Brighton we visited a fantastic pier with roller coasters and a lot of candy shops. In Canterbury we visited a great, old cathedral and the Canterbury Tales. I liked the Brighton Pier best because of the nice roller coasters. But I didn‘t like the trip to the battlefield in Battle so much because after that my shoes were wet. The week in England was great and I would like to visit England again.

(Josephine Tscheliesnigg, 7b)

Last week my class and I were in Bexhill. There is a stone beach and there is an interesting park and a museum. When you are on holiday there you can go shopping or eat an ice cream. In Egerton Park you can make a short boat trip in the lake or play on the playground. When we were there the weather was very nice and we went along the beach all day. One day we went to the "Smugglers' Caves" to Hastings and in a museum there. It was a ship wrack museum and there were lots of models of old ships. And on another day we went to Brighton on the pier and to the Sea Life next to it. That was very nice because there were a lot of shops. I liked Brighton best because after the pier and the Sea Life Centre we went to the beach to enjoy it a little bit. I didn't like the town quiz so much because we didn't want to know when the police station is open for example. Maybe you go to England one day and I hope you will enjoy it, too.

(Sarah Rosenthal, 7b)


Last week we were in England. The city where we stayed is called Bexhill-On-Sea. Bexhill is next to the fantastic and big ocean. Nearly every day the sun shone, but one day it rained a little bit. Our host family cooked very well and they had a trampoline in their garden which was really nice. In Bexhill you can go shopping and you can go to the beach. One day we visited the “Smugglers' Caves”. That was great and the caves were dark. We learned a lot about the smugglers. We were in the Brighton Sea Life, too. There was different and colorful fish. They were nice. The best part of the trip was that we were close to the sea and nearly every day we went to the beach. I didn't like that it rained on one day, but it was okay, because it was only one day. The trip was really nice and you could see many interesting things and learn a lot about England!

(Lars Paech, 7a)